LO13 LOTR 'Tom Bombadil™' 54mm Scale Metal Miniature.

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LO13 LOTR 'Tom Bombadil™' 54mm Scale Metal Miniature.54mm LO Series Metal Miniature.
Tom Bombadil is quite a remarkable character. He can change his world by singing, his songs are strong songs. He demonstrated his powers twice in the company of the hobbits, once by rescuing Merry from "Old Man Willow" and again he rescued the hobbits from the Barrow-wight King. He is seen here with his water-lilies for his wife Goldberry the daughter of the River woman of the Withywindle.

Height of figure 57mm.

This 54mm scale metal miniature is unprimed and unpainted.
Customer reviews
Very nice white metal casting. Well defined features. Minimal mold half misalignment, no flash, easy cleanup.
Harry D.


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