MB345 Lord of the Rings 'The Vengeance of Smaug™' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.

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MB345 Lord of the Rings 'The Vengeance of Smaug™' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.The Dwarven kingdom of Thror, delved in the Lonely mountain at the headwaters of the Celduin was famous for its fabulous wealth: so famous that rumour of it reached even to the Withered heath and the ears of Smaug the golden, a mighty Fire-dragon whose heart burned at the thought of untold treasure.

Rising up upon mighty wings, the great worm sped south to the Lonely mountain breathing flames as he come. With dread the folk of Dale and Erebor watched as the great pine-forests north of the mountain were kindled by Smaug's fiery breath and fanned to a roaring furnace by the wind of his wings. In terror thy attempted flight, as the dragon set the town ablaze and choked and burned the mountain caverns with fume and fire.

NOTE: Recommend soldering parts together for maximum strength.

This miniature requires assembly and is unprimed and unpainted.
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Really great miniature! I love your products!
Kimberly H.
Best miniature ever ...
Claudio M.


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