LR35 LOTR 'Stalking Ringwraiths™' 32mm Scale 2 Metal Miniatures.

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LR35 LOTR 'Stalking Ringwraiths™' 32mm Scale 2 Metal Miniatures.LR Limited Edition pewter series.
The most terrible of all the servants of Sauron, the Nine Ringwraiths were despatched by the Dark-lord to seek out the Ringbearer. From the very day that the Hobbits left Bag End, the Ringwraiths were on their heels and dogged their footsteps all the way to Rivendell. They came by stealth to the Prancing Pony at night in order to seek out the Hobbits who were lodging there, and were only foiled by the quick-thinking of Strider.

These two 32mm scale metal miniatures are unprimed and unpainted.
Customer reviews
Manuel G.
These "Stalking Ringwraiths" are two amazing metal miniatures for different reasons as their dynamic poses, their detailed fold wears with their fantastic hoods and for the manner with which the daggers are grasped.
Dario P.


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