MZ629 Lord of the Rings 'Snow-Troll™' Fellowship Figure.

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MZ629 Lord of the Rings 'Snow-Troll™' Fellowship Figure.This is a 32mm scale unpainted miniature.
This is the 126th release in the new Gold Status Fellowship club.
This is January 2016's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'orc'.

Although slightly smaller than their more southerly cousins, the northern Snow-Trolls were just as dangerous. What they lacked in intelligence they made up for in brute force. From Carn Dum and Forochel to all points north they pose a constant threat to unwary travellers.

Dimensions: 38mm in height from base to top of its head.
Total weight of metal figure is 27 grams. This figure is blister packed and primed. Some assembly required.
Customer reviews
Me encantó esta reproducción del Troll de las Nieves de la Tierra Media. ¡Es muy aproximada a como me la imaginaba!
Manuel J.
Finest product.
Very nice figure..
Ninoslav L.
Beautiful inspiration of middle-earth as usual.
David c.
Reckon this one might warrant another purchase for RPG purposes.
Steve P.
Christian r.
Love the new MZ figures.
David (mindx2) B.
Another great design from Chris Tubb - fine detail and finish.
Amadeusz Z.
The figure is very fine.
Dieter W.


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