Scatha the Worm Lord of the Rings painted 32mm scale figure

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Scatha the Worm Lord of the Rings painted 32mm scale figureScatha is one of the older dragons of ages gone by. Perched on a rocky mountain-top he is master of all he survays and is confident is his power and invulernability. This creature existed before the Lord of the Rings trilogy or even the Hobbit. He was feared and one of the most dangerous of the dragons from before the Third age of Middle Earth.

Designed by Chris Tubb, our internationally famous miniature designer with over 20 years experience in creating Lord of the Rings figures.

This beautifully painted statue is made of pewter and skillfully painted by experienced Irish artists here in Cork, Ireland.

An excellent choice for a gift for any Fantasy collector, or lover of the exotic. Certainly a treasure that will be cherished over the years to come.


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