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Releases 2012

These Lord of the Rings metal miniatures were suggested by and voted on by the members of the Gold Status Fellowship club during 2012.
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MS585 Lord of the Rings 'Erestor™ of Rivendell™' Fellowship Figure.Erestor was a Noldo elf and was one of Elrond’s chief councilors and advisors at the stronghold of Rivendell. He was present at the great council which decided that Frodo the Halfling should take the One Ring to its destruction at Mount Doom.
This is a primed metal miniature.
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MS584 Lord of the Rings 'Haradrim™ bellydancer entertaining Far-Harad™ trader' Fellowship Figure.The traders of Harad ply their goods across the great deserts to Khand and to the east of the Ered Harmal, and find relief from the dust and heat in the several oases which are dotted throughout the burning wastes. Some of these oases have settlements which offer refreshment and entertainment to the weary traveller.

This vignette shows such a scene. The trader, having watered and fed his camel train is resting, drinking wine and watching a dancing girl.
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MS583 Lord of the Rings 'Funeral Boat of Boromir™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.As Boromir lay dying, he remorsefully confessed to attempting to take the Ring from Frodo, and that his impending death was his penance. He urged Aragorn to save Minas Tirith, as he himself had failed. Aragorn reassured him that he had not failed, that "few have gained such a victory". Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas placed Boromir's body in one of their Elven boats, with his sword, belt, cloak, broken horn, and the weapons of his slain foes about him. They set the boat adrift in the river toward the Falls of Rauros, and sang a "Lament of the Winds" as his funeral song.
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MS582 Lord of the Rings 'Goldberry™ communing with river' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.This miniature is aimed to depict Goldberry in the river, water up to knee, raising her skirt with one hand. She is bending over the river flow and touches the surface with the other hand. While the river is not present, any diorama builder can easily add this figure into such a scenario.
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MS581 Lord of the Rings 'The Madness of Denethor™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Denethor II was the first son and third child of Ecthelion II. He was widely considered a man of great will, foresight, and strength.
He began secretly using a palantír to probe Sauron's strength, though he incorrectly insisted he was able to control it. The effort aged him quickly, and the knowledge of Sauron's overwhelming force depressed him greatly, mostly due to deliberately biased visions from the palantír on the part of Sauron.
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MS580 Lord of the Rings 'Easterling™ Emissary' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.“Easterling” was a general name given by the settled peoples of Gondor and Rohan to those nomadic tribes who inhabited the lands of eastern Rhovanion and those vast steppes beyond the sea of Rhun. Divided into many clans and tribes the Easterling peoples were pastoralists who lived in temporary tented encampments and who moved according to the pasturage available to their great herds of horses.


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