MC4 Lord of the Rings 'Master Elrond™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.

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MC4 Lord of the Rings 'Master Elrond™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.The Mithril Classics series represent key personalities and generic types selected from Mithrils huge range of over 500 Middle-earth subjects. One of the mightiest lords in Middle-earth Elrond is master of the last homely house at Rivendell. He known as the half-elven, for he is descended from both Elves and Men. His lineage is one Of the most illustrious in all Middle-earth. He is the direct descendent through Elwing, his mother, of Beren and Luthien, and through them of Elwe (Thingol). His father was Earendil the mariner of the house of Hador.

Elrond is the bearer of one of the three great Elven rings, Vilya the ring of air, and he is a master of much secret knowledge and ancient lore. His hospitality gave a welcome rest to Thorin and Co., during their great journey to the Lonely mountain, and later at the outset of the war of the ring he summoned a great council to meet at Rivendell, to determine what courses should be taken to meet the growing threat of Mordor.
This metal miniatures is unpainted but is primed with Mithril Miniatures special primer.


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