LR31-40 LOTR 'From Bree™ to Rivendell™' 32mm Scale Box Set Collection.

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LR31-40 LOTR 'From Bree™ to Rivendell™' 32mm Scale Box Set Collection.LR Limited Edition pewter series.
This box set contains LR31 to LR40, including figures not available separately.
Story Background:
On their seventh day of travel from the Shire, Frodo and his companions reached the village of Bree at nightfall. They were welcomed at the Prancing Pony by Barliman Butterbur the Inn keeper and his assistant Nob. Once they had joined the roads from the down lands, Strider had observed them unseen, he was then waiting in the Prancing Pony whilst Pippin and then Frodo made a spectacle of themselves. After introducing himself that evening, they set off the next day towards Weathertop with the newly acquired Bill the Pony, named after its previous owner Bill Ferney who had also aided the Ringwraiths whilst they stayed in Bree.

The route took them through Midgewater Marshes to avoid the Ringwraiths. While camping in the Marsh they saw flashes of light from Weathertop. After finding hidden signs that Gandalf left on Weathertop, they camped in a hollow nearby where they were attacked by Ringwraiths thus wounding Frodo with a dagger. .

After almost four weeks travelling, Frodo was increasingly ill from his injury sustained on Weathertop. Strider was still leading the way to Rivendell by a less trodden route. Sam, Merry and Pippin were weary, disheartened and becoming increasingly concerned for Frodo. Suddenly the party hears an approaching horse, with relief the Elf-lord Glorfindel arrives, sent to guide the party to Rivendell by Elrond. Glorfindel gave Frodo his horse to carry him. After a further two days march which took them to the ford of Bruinen where the Black riders were waiting in ambush, Frodo is taken at great speed over the Ford whilst the remaining party stays to ward off the Black Riders. Frodo's last sight was of Ellrond's and Gandalf's magic, making the waters rise, washing away the black riders.

Frodo is soon made better with Ellrond's healing and is invited to a feast in his honour with Elrond, Arwen and many other important figures. Arwen's brothers Elladan and Elrohir were not at Elrond's house but were with the Northern Rangers. The brothers are most known for their later adventures aiding Strider at the Battle of the Pelennor fields. The figure Arwen is seen holding the standard woven by herself that depicts the Gondorian Crown with the seven stars and the white tree of Númenor which eventually is presented to Strider.

This box set contains LR31 to LR40, including figures not available separately.
The 10 figures are from Bree to Rivendell series:
1. Barliman Butterbur & Nob,
2. Strider,
3. Bill Ferny,
4. Bill the Pony,
5. Stalking Ringwraiths.
6. Glorfindel.
7. Elrond.
8. Elladan.
9. Elrohir.
10. Arwen.

These ten 32mm scale metal miniatures are unprimed and unpainted and may require assembly.


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