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Releases 2018

These Lord of the Rings metal miniatures were suggested by and voted on by the members of the Gold Status Fellowship club. Released in 2018.
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MZ650 Lord of the Rings 'Easterling™ king' Fellowship Figure.

The Easterlings comprised many warlike tribes usually following a nomadic and pastoral lifestyle, who at various times erupted into the west of  Middle-earth to threaten the stability of both Gondor and Rohan. Notable among them were the fierce Balchoth and the Wainriders. Many were seduced into the service of Sauron and one of their kings was given one of the nine rings by the Dark-lord.
This figure depicts him before the evil of the ruling ring has transformed him into one of the terrible Nazgul.

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MZ649 Lord of the Rings 'Azog™ with head of Thror™' Fellowship Figure.
Azog was an Orcish commander who took over the settlements of Moria a few hundred years after their abandonment by the Dwarves. He sparked off the long sequence of Dwarf and Goblin wars by beheading the Dwarvish king Thrór in TA 2790. The culmination of these conflicts was the great battle of Azinulbizar in TA2799 on the eastern slopes of the Hitharglir, where Azog met his own death at the hands of Dain of the Iron hills.
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MZ646 Lord of the Rings 'Half-orc Hornist' Fellowship Figure.
The army of Saruman, although small compared to the hordes commanded by Sauron, was well equipped and organised. One of its two main constituents were the Half-orcs, bred by the wizard from true Orcs and Dunlendings. It is appropriate therefore that the musicians in the Half-orc ranks would use Dunlending instruments such as this, to pass on their captains’ commands.
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MZ645 Lord of the Rings 'Lorien boat with Gimli™ and Legolas™' Fellowship Figure.

After the loss of Gandalf at Khazad-dûm the remainingFellowship sought some respite in Lothlórien, the hidden realm of Galadriel andCeleborn. To continue their journey south towards the Black land it was decidedto travel by boat, firstly by the Limlight and thence southwards along the Greatriver, through the Anduin vale and beyond. To this end the Fellowship weregiven three light craft of Elven design and provided with supplies andprovender which they would need. Legolas and Gimli were to share one of thesecraft.

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MZ644 Lord of the Rings 'Watcher at Cirith Ungol™' Fellowship Figure.

Seemingly carved from stone, the two large guardians sat either side of the entrance to the tower of Cirith Ungol. Each had the form of a seated figure, three-headed, with the likeness of a vulture and with claw-like hands. Although unmoving, they possessed sentience and the force of their will alone prevented enemies from passing the gate. Their race and origins are unknown.

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MZ643 Lord of the Rings 'Treebeard™ at Isengard™' Fellowship Figure.
Of the ancient race of Ents, Treebeard, in the Third-age is described as "the oldest living thing that still walks beneath the sun in Middle-earth" He was very tall and tree-like in appearance, having an affinity with all growing things. He professed a duty of care the the forest, describing himself as a shepherd of the trees. Although slow to anger, he was stirred to action by Saruman’s depredations in Fangorn forest, and led the Ents to Isengard to destroy the wizard’s stronghold.


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