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Releases 2017

These Lord of the Rings metal miniatures were suggested by and voted on by the members of the Gold Status Fellowship club. Released in 2017.
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MZ647gsf Join Gold Status Fellowship club + Free 'Aragorn™ & the Palantir™' figure.Join the Gold Status Fellowship Club and you can suggest a new Lord of the Rings miniature every month and vote on that month's list. The winning idea every month goes on to Mithril's production list. All new members get a free miniature (MZ647) and 5 Tengwar magazines that give new members key information about Mithril's view of Tolkien's books when interpreted into metal miniatures.
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MZ647 Lord of the Rings 'Aragorn™ & the Palantir™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.In a chamber high in the Hornburg, Aragorn looked into the palantir. He hoped to draw Sauron's attention away from Mordor while Frodo and Sam approached. Aragorn did not speak, but he showed Sauron that Elendil's sword had been reforged and that Elendil's heir wielded it. Then he was able to master the stone to his own will and with it he saw that the Corsairs in the South posed a grave danger to Gondor. This is an unprimed miniature.
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MZ642 Lord of the Rings 'Gildor Inglorion™ in robes' Fellowship Figure.
A Noldo of the house of Finarfin, Gildor, in the latter part of the Third-age, led a wandering band of Elves, occasionally residing at Rivendell, the tower hills or at the Grey Havens where the High-Elves had their last foothold in Middle-earth. 
Here he is seen at the court of Cirdan whence he eventually departed Middle-earth for the west.
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MZ641 Lord of the Rings 'Frodo™ and the mirror of Galadriel™' Fellowship Figure.
By Elvish craft the Mirror of Galadriel allowed the viewer to see visions of past and possible futures. When Frodo gazed into the bowl, he glimpsed  many scenes, including one of Gandalf and one of Aragorn’s coming battle with the corsairs. But most terrifying was that of the unblinking eye of Sauron  searching unceasingly for the One ring.
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MZ640 Lord of the Rings 'Aragorn™ at the Black gate' Fellowship Figure.
The army of the west, after its victory at the Pelennor field, advanced across the Anduin to the very gate of Morannon. Its purpose was not so much victory in the field as its numbers were small compared to those of Mordor, but rather to divert the attention of Sauron away from Frodo, Sam and the One Ring. Thus Aragorn revealed himself as the king of Gondor and challenged the Dark-lord to come forth.
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MZ639 Lord of the Rings 'Elven Cartographer' Fellowship Figure.
If the lore and wisdom of the high Elves survived in Middle-earth, it did so in Ered Luin where the remnant of Beleriand dwelt in its Grey Havens. Among their other skills the Elves retained their ancient talents as master cartographers. This figure represents an Elven woman from the Grey Havens surveying the land for the purposes of map-making.
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MZ638 Lord of the Rings 'Deadman of Dunharrow™' Fellowship Figure.
Summoned by Aragorn to fight the corsairs at Pelargir, the Deadmen of Dunharrow were the unquiet spirits of men of the white mountains. They had sworn an oath to fight with Isildur in the war of the Last Alliance, but had deserted him. As retribution their unquiet spirits haunted Dunharrow and the paths of the dead for many years until at last they fulfilled their pledge to Isildur’s heir.
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MZ637 Lord of the Rings 'Bombur™ at The Battle of the Five Armies™' Fellowship Figure.
Bombur, together with his brothers Bifur and Bofur, formed part of Thorin Oakenshield’s expedition to destroy the worm Smaug and reclaim their ancient treasure. Despite his large girth he acquitted himself well in the expedition. This figure depicts him at the battle of the Five Armies in a mailcoat and helmet which would have been part of the treasure hoard under themountain.
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MZ636 Lord of the Rings 'Thror™ with the Arkenstone™' Fellowship Figure.
The grandsire of Thorin Oakenshield, Thror founded the splendid Dwarven kingdom of Erebor and ruled there for almost two hundred years until the coming of Smaug. The greatest treasure of Thror’s folk was the great white gem called the Arkenstone, mined at Erebor and fashioned by Dwarvish art into a magnificent jewel.
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MZ635 Lord of the Rings 'Isengard™ Waymark pillar' Fellowship Figure.
Striking due north from the fords of Isen at the gap of Rohan is a fine road of cut stone leading to the ancient stronghold of Isengard. Like the tower itself the road was built of old by the men of Westernesse. It passes through the curve of the mountains at Nan Curunir and continues to the tower itself. Some miles before Orthanc is a great stone pillar, surmounted by a carved hand pointing towards the stronghold of Saruman.

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MZ634 Lord of the Rings 'Easterling™ Shaman' Fellowship Figure.
The term "Easterlings” was applied by the folk of the west of Middle-earth to all those peoples who hailed from the vast steppe lands east of Mirkwood from Rhun and beyond. This figure shows an Easterling shaman, with a drum. His clothes are sown with charms and feathers of various kinds to  afford magical protection.
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MZ633 Lord of the Rings 'Orophin™ of Lorien' Fellowship Figure.
A Silvan Elf, Orophin lived in the forest of Lothlorien, the domain of Galadriel. Like his brothers Rumil and Haldir, Orophin was skilled in archery and woodcraft. He served as one of the guardians of the forest.
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MZ632 Lord of the Rings 'Elfhelm™ mounted' Fellowship Figure.
A marshal of the Mark, Elfhelm fought victoriously at the battle of the Pelennor fields and survived his daring cavalry charge through the Pelennor wall to attack the Easterlings and Orcs of Mordor. Later when the great host of Gondor marched to the Black gate, Elfhelm’s forces were left to guard Anorien on Gondor’s northern marches.
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MZ630 Lord of the Rings 'Duinhir™ of Morthond™' Fellowship Figure.
When Minas Tirith called upon its provincial troops to rally to its defence as the forces of Mordor closed in upon it, Gondor’s provincial lords sent all the manpower that they could spare. From the far west, the Marcher lord Duinhir brought his two sons and five hundred good archers to help in the city’s defence. This figure shows Duinhir himself, wearing a surcoat emblazoned with the Morthond coat of arms, under which he wears a mail shirt. The bulk of his troops would be more lightly equipped, mostly without mail and many without helmets or short-swords.
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MZ629 Lord of the Rings 'Snow-Troll™' Fellowship Figure.
Although slightly smaller than their more southerly cousins, the northern Snow-Trolls were just as dangerous. What they lacked in intelligence they made up for in brute force. From Carn Dum and Forochel to all points north they pose a constant threat to unwary travellers.
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MZ624 Lord of the Rings 'Tobold Hornblower™' Fellowship Figure.
Otherwise known as  as Old Toby, Tobold Hornblower  lived in the village of Longbottom in Southfarthing.  He is renowned among his fellow Hobbits as the first to cultivate Pipe-weed  in the Shire.


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