Lord of the Nazgul Lord of the Rings painted 32mm scale figure

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Lord of the Nazgul Lord of the Rings painted 32mm scale figureSauron’s mightiest lieutenant, the Lord of the Nazgul, commanded the Morgul host at the battle of the Pelennor field. He rode a reptilian fell-beast, upon which he sought out and slew king Theoden of the Mark. Theoden’s niece Eowyn, the Shield-maiden of Rohan, determined to avenge the king and challenged the wraith-lord. By a great stroke of luck, in which Merriadoc had no small part, she slew the Lord of the Nazgűl. It was a pivotal moment of the battle which ended in the victory of the free peoples.

Designed by Chris Tubb, our internationally famous miniature designer with over 20 years experience in creating Lord of the Rings figures.

This beautifully painted statue is made of pewter and skillfully painted by experienced Irish artists here in Cork, Ireland.

An excellent choice for a gift for any Fantasy collector, or lover of the exotic. Certainly a treasure that will be cherished over the years to come.


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