MS628 Lord of the Rings 'DAIN THE DWARF™' Fellowship Figure.

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MS628 Lord of the Rings 'DAIN THE DWARF™' Fellowship Figure.This is a 32mm scale unpainted miniature.
This is the 121st release in the new Gold Status Fellowship club.
This is December 2015's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'Axel'.

Probably the greatest Dwarven warrior of the late Third-age, KING DAIN Ironfoot was already a battle-hardened leader when called upon by his kinsman Thorin Oakenshield™ to aid his party in the Battle of the Five Armies™.  Many years before this, Dain had slain Azog, the Goblin king in the great battle of Azinulbizar. 

Dimensions: 31mm in height from base to top of helmet.
Total weight of metal figure is 20 grams. This figure is blister packed and primed. No assembly required.
Customer reviews
A great sculpt - full of action and intent - great design and attention to detail - brilliant.
Antony Lane.
Love the detail on the new figures and look forward to continuing to buy more of Chris Tubb's creations.
David (mindx2) B.


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