MM248 Lord of the Rings 'Ghan-Buri-Ghan™ and Spearman' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.

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MM248 Lord of the Rings 'Ghan-Buri-Ghan™ and Spearman' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.These metal miniatures are no longer in production but a limited stock is still available.
Ghân is the chief of the Drúedain, also known as the Woses, the wild men who inhabit Drúadan Forest. He aids Théoden, King of Rohan, to reach Minas Tirith with reinforcements to counterattack before it is conquered by the enemy. In return, Théoden promises that his people will have peace with the Drúedain, and that his people will wage war and drive away the gorgûn (Orcs), that Ghân hates so much and that have been troubling the Drúedain. In the end of The Return of the King Aragorn, the newly crowned King of Gondor, gives the Forest of Drúadan to Ghân and his people, decreeing that none shall enter again without his leave.
These 32mm scale metal miniatures are primed with Mithril's special primer but unpainted and requires some assembly. Blister design and condition may vary as this is old stock. Old prices printed on labels are removed in the photos to avoid confusion.


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