MS595 Lord of the Rings 'Female Orc Archer' Fellowship Figure.

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MS595 Lord of the Rings 'Female Orc Archer' Fellowship Figure.This is a 32mm scale unpainted miniature.
This is the 118th release in the new Gold Status Fellowship club.
This is special release not directly connected with a Fellowship vote but inspired by suggestions on the forum.

As light troops female Orc archers were easily the match for their male counterparts. What they might lack in equivalent bodily strength they would make up in their skills in archery. They would have been utilized by both the armies of Angmar and by the Orcs of Mount Gundabad.

Dimensions: 29mm in height from base to top of arrows in quiver.
Total weight of metal figure is 15 grams. This figure is blister packed and primed. Some assembly required.
Customer reviews
Great figure, just something new.
Michael G.
Interesting and dynamic design from Chris Tubb. Very fine detail. Must have for collectors and gamers.
Amadeusz Z.


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