MC39 Lord of the Rings 'Faramir™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.

4.95 €($ 5.85)
MC39 Lord of the Rings 'Faramir™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.The Mithril Classics series represent key personalities and generic types selected from Mithrils huge range of over 500 Middle-earth subjects. The younger son of Denethor, steward of Gondor, Faramir was a contrast to his brave but headstrong brother, Boromir. Whilst showing an equal courage, Faramir was imbued with the wisdom which his brother lacked. He led the rangers of Ithilien during the opening phases of the war of the Ring, and met and aided Frodo and Sam during their journey to the Black land.
This metal miniature is unpainted but is primed with Mithril Miniatures special primer.


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