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Mithril has produced many of the rugged Dwarves that inhabit Middle-earth, including famous personalities like Thorin, King Dain, Gloin and of course Gimli.

In J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth, Dwarves (also known as the Naugrim) are beings of short stature who all possess beards and are often friendly with Hobbits, although long suspicious of Elves. They are typically smiths and stoneworkers by profession, unrivalled in some of their arts, even by the Elves.

Collect them all today and populate your collection with these brave and hardy warriors.

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MZ637 Lord of the Rings 'Bombur™ at The Battle of the Five Armies™' Fellowship Figure.
Bombur, together with his brothers Bifur and Bofur,formed part of Thorin Oakenshield’s expedition to destroy the worm Smaug and reclaim theirancient treasure. Despite his large girth he acquitted himself well in theexpedition. This figure depicts him at the battle of the Five Armies in a mailcoat and helmet which would have been part of the treasure hoard under themountain.
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MZ636 Lord of the Rings 'Thror™ with the Arkenstone™' Fellowship Figure.
The grandsire of Thorin Oakenshield, Thror founded the splendid Dwarven kingdom of Erebor and ruled there for almost two hundred years until the coming of Smaug. The greatest treasure of Thror’s folk was the great white gem called the Arkenstone, mined at Erebor and fashioned by Dwarvish art into a magnificent jewel.
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MX535 LOTR 'An Unexpected Party™' 32mm Scale Metal Vignette.The "Unexpected party" vignette depicts the famous party from the first chapter of THE HOBBIT where Gandalf introduces the thirteen Dwarves to Bilbo the Hobbit. The Dwarves are exiles from the kingdom under the mountain which has been taken from their people by the great dragon Smaug.

Base diameter is 100 mm. All figures are 32mm scale. They are NOT primed or assembled.
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MS628 Lord of the Rings 'DAIN THE DWARF™' Fellowship Figure.Probably the greatest Dwarven warrior of the late Third-age, KING DAIN Ironfoot was already a battle-hardened leader when called upon by his kinsman Thorin Oakenshield™ to aid his party in the Battle of the Five Armies™.  Many years before this, Dain had slain Azog™, the Goblin king in the great battle of Azinulbizar.
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MS625 Lord of the Rings 'Erebor™ Dwarven Merchant' Fellowship Figure.Before its destruction by the great worm, Dale was a thriving city and famed, among other things, for the marvelous toys which its craftsmen produced. Its population although primarily Mannish, would have included many Dwarves, due to its proximity to both Erebor and the Iron Hills. This figure represents a Dwarven trader who would carry and sell the toys of Dale throughout the settlements and kingdoms south and west of the Misty mountains.
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MS617 Lord of the Rings 'Thorin™ and Roac™' Fellowship Figure.Roäc the raven, gave great service to his ally Thorin Oakenshield, when the latter and his Dwarven companions were besieged in the ancient stronghold of Erebor shortly before the Battle of the Five Armies™.
Like his father, Carc before him, Roäc was a great friend to the Dwarves and provided them with valuable intelligence.
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MS609 Lord of the Rings 'Balin™- Lord of Moria™' Fellowship figure.He was part of Thorin Oakenshield’s successful expedition tore-capture the Dwarven kingdom ofErebor from the dragon Smaug.
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MS591 Lord of the Rings 'Gloin™' Fellowship Figure.Gloin was a Dwarf of Durin’s line and was part of Thorin Oakenshield’s famous expedition to retake the mountain kingdom of Erebor from the worm Smaug. After the re-establishment of the kingdom under-the-mountain, Gloin became wealthy and was later sent together with his son Gimli to represent the Erebor dwarves at the council of Elrond in T.A. 3018.
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MS587 Lord of the Rings 'Legolas™ and Gimli™ riding Arod™' Fellowship Figure.Eomer gave Aragorn and his companions two horses to help them travel across Rohan. One of the horses was called Arod and bore Legolas and Gimli across the plains of Rohan in search for their friends.
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MS566 Lord of the Rings 'Thorin III Stonehelm™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.King under the Mountain at the very end of the Third-age Thorin Stonehelm was the son of Dain Ironfoot. The War of the Ring began during the reign of Dain, who was slain by invading Easterlings during the battle of Dale. Thorin succeeded him in these inauspicious circumstances while the Easterling hordes were besieging the Dwarves and the refugees from Dale in their mountain fortress.
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MS556 Lord of the Rings 'Narvi™ of Moria (Dwarf Stonemason)' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Narvi was a Dwarven stonemason of great renown. It was he who made the Doors of Durin, the entrance to the West gate of Moria.
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MS538 Lord of the Rings 'Bombur™ (Dwarf from The Hobbit™)' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Bombur was one of the twelve companions of Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor. The cousin of Bifur and brother of Bofur, he was not descended from Durin.
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Discontinued Product
MS532 Lord of the Rings 'Durin VI™, king of Khazad-dum™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Durin VI - A descendant of Durin the Deathless, Durin was king of Khazad-dum, the underground realm of the Dwarves in the Hithaeglir. It was during his reign (TA 1980) that the Balrog, asleep in the roots of the mountains since the time of Morgoth, was awakened. The terrible creature wreaked havoc in the Dwarven kingdom and Durin VI was slain in a vain attempt to stand against it.
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MS453 Lord of the Rings™ Arkenstone™ Thorin Entombed with the Arkenstone 32mm scale vignetteThorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror' is the rightful heir to the dwarven stronghold of the Lonely Mountain, driven into exile by the depredations of the dragon Smaug.
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MM307 Lord of the Rings 'Stone Giant' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.These metal miniatures are no longer in production but a limited stock is still available.
These are one of the mysterious races of Middle-earth. During Bilbo and the Dwarves trip across the mountains they reported that a terrible storm occured and that Stone Giants were throwing huge stones at each other as part of a game.
These 32mm scale metal miniatures are primed with Mithril's special primer but unpainted and requires some assembly.
(Code: MM219)
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MM219 Lord of the Rings 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.These Lord of the Rings metal figures are only available by manually requesting to redeem Mithril's Advantage (loyalty) points for this blister pack. The blister pack design and quality may vary slightly.
10 Advantage Points
are needed to collect each blister pack. Can only be redeemed in conjunction with an order. Include the code number and quantity of this figure in the comments section of your order. We manually deduct the relevant points from the total in your account.

These 32mm scale metal miniatures are primed with Mithril's special primer but unpainted and requires some assembly.
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MM161C LOTR 'Dis (Dwarf Maiden)™' 32mm Scale 2 Metal Miniatures.This metal miniature is no longer in production but a limited stock is still available as a unblistered and unprimed figure.

This is a 32mm scale metal miniature.
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MC38 Lord of the Rings 'Balin™ in war gear' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.One of Thorin Oakenshield's supporters in the quest to regain the Lonely Mountain from the great worm Smaug, Balin subsequently moved to the old Dwarven stronghold of Moria in the Hithaeglir in an attempt to wrest it back from the Orcs.
This is a primed but unpainted miniature.
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MC36 Lord of the Rings 'Thorin™ in war gear' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.The rightful heir to the kings under the Mountain and the Dwarven treasure buried in the caverns of Erebor, Thorin wore the rich armour that he found amongst the Dragon's hoard when he and his followers sallied out to fight the great Battle of the Five Armies™.

This is a primed but unpainted miniature.
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MC3 Lord of the Rings 'Thorin Oakenshield™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.After long years of exile, Thorin the Dwarf made plans to recover his lost kingdom which had been wrested from his grandfather King Thror long ago, by Smaug the worm. To this end he gathered about him a party of Dwarvish adventurers, and together with Bilbo the hobbit, (hired as a burglar) set off upon the dangerous journey across wilderland to slay the dragon and reclaim his realm.
This is a primed but unpainted miniature.


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