MPack3 Dol Amroth Allies Pack 26 unprimed metal LOTR figures.

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MPack3 Dol Amroth Allies Pack 26 unprimed metal LOTR figures.These Lord of the Rings figures are from the Mithril M-Series 'The Knights of Dol Amroth'.

The Knights of Dol Amroth are allies of Gondor and lead by Prince Imrahil when they fought against Mordor during the War of the Ring. They consisted of mounted knights and men-at-arms. These are 26 unprimed and unassembled 32mm scale metal miniatures. Glue is not included.


Dol Amroth Allies Pack consists of 26 figures:
m484 - Prince Imrahil 1x
m485 - Knight attacking w. spear 2x
m486 - Knight lowered spear 2x
m487 - Knight spear upright 2x
m488 - Mounted Standard Bearer 1x
m489 - Knight with raised sword 2x
m490 - Sergeant with raised sword 4x
m491 - Spearman advancing with raised spear 4x
m492 - Spearman with raised spear 4x
m493 - Spearman advancing with lowered spear 4x.

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Customer reviews
Nice sculpts !
John M.
Perfect castings, excellently packaged. I can't say enough about how stunning these models are, I only hope I can do them justice with the paint brush!
John B.


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