MC13 Lord of the Rings 'Boromir™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.

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MC13 Lord of the Rings 'Boromir™' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.The Mithril Classics series represent key personalities and generic types selected from Mithrils huge range of over 500 Middle-earth subjects. A brave and honourable man, Boromir was the son of Denethor the ruling Steward of Gondor. By nature a man of action, Boromir was a born warrior and delighted in battle and the practice of arms. He came to Rivendell following a strange and prophetic dream and was enrolled in the Fellowship. His military prowess and great strength served them well throughout their journeys.

He could not understand though why the One ring should be destroyed and not itself be used against Sauron. Boromir was the only member of the Fellowship to die in the War of the Ring. He perished under a shower of Orcish arrows, his great long sword in one hand and his hunting horn, the heirloom of his house, in the other.
This metal miniature is unpainted but is primed with Mithril Miniatures special primer.


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