2002 Lord of the Rings Beregond™ Christmas Antique Finished Metal Miniature.

27.50 €($ 32.38)
2002 Lord of the Rings Beregond™ Christmas Antique Finished Metal Miniature.This 54mm scale figure is antique finished.

Beregond was the son of Baranor. His people originally came from the vales of the White Mountains - probably in Lossarnach - and before that from Ithilien. Beregond had a son named Bergil, who was ten years old at the time of the War of the Ring and who remained in Minas Tirith during the siege.

Beregond was on duty as the sentinel at the gate of the Citadel when Pippin came to tell him that Denethor intended to burn Faramir alive. Beregond had to choose between his duty to remain at his post and his love for his Captain. Beregond ran to the Silent Street to help Faramir. When he came to the Closed Door, the porter would not let him pass and Beregond was forced to kill him – an act he deeply regretted. At the entrance to the House of the Stewards, Beregond slew two of Denethor’s servants who were trying to light the funeral pyre and he stood on the steps warding the others off with his sword until Gandalf arrived.


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