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Tools of the Trade: Go Pro and get all your finishing tools here.

It is very important to have the right tools when you are doing craft work. For internal work we do try very hard to get the most suitable tools for the jobs. We are now making some of our own tools available to our collectors. Our aim is to make your hobby more enjoyable by helping you get the right tools.
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ZAP Super Gel Glue for metal and plastic figures

This is a thick super glue, ideal for glueing white metal and plastic figures together, - great for filling gaps. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application. Modellers like it because it sets in seconds and gives high strength joints.  Use it once and you are glued for life!

Warning: Not suitable for young kids as it will bond skin permanently in second.  The glue can be removed with aceton.

(Code: AC-PPL5703)
8.95 €($ 10.46)
Super Snipper

This is a single edge ingate cutter. It cuts like it was cutting butter. Even the heaviest ingate is no match. The best part is that it cuts flat on one side leaving very little for filing. It is a must for any serious model caster.

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Needle File Set (10 pieces)

10 files suitable for white metal filing. They are single cut for easy cleaning with our brass brush. 140mm long.

(Code: AC-POP1800)
17.95 €($ 20.97)
Flexi-neck Magnifying Glass

Have you ever wished you had an extra hand to hold a magnifying glass? This 11cm magnifying glass is held by a 25cm long flexible shaft, so you can have it next to you on a workbench, always ready for your inspections. No more putting down your tool to pick up your magnifying glass.

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Casting Finishing Tool Set

Contain all you need to finish your figure before painting or antiquing.

Includes a large brass Wire Brush, our Needle File Set (10 pieces) and the Super Snipper at a 20% discount.

(Code: AC-PA9517)
3.10 €($ 3.62)
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Brass Wirebrush

A wire brush suitable for cleaning, polishing metal miniatures and your files. It is very important to clean all cast parts prior to gluing and priming them. Also for polishing metal after antiquing.



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