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Mithril has produced many of the graceful Elves that inhabit Middle-earth, including famous personalities like Elrond, Galadriel, Cirdan and of course Legolas.

In J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth, Elves (also known as the Quendi) are immortal beings that were the first race on Middle-earth. They are a wise and very intelligent people that love the forest and have a distrust of Dwarves. By the start of 'The Lord of the Rings' story, at the end of the Third Age, their presence on Middle-earth had begun to wane, as many left that land to go to Valinor.

Elrond was one of the last great Elven Lords that still resided in Middle-earth (Rivendell), and his daughter was Arwen (Evenstar) at the end of the Third Age. Galadriel was also a powerful Elf and resided in Lothlórien with her husband Lord Celeborn. Legolas was the heir the woodland realm of Mirkwood.

Collect them all today and populate your collection with these stealthy and magical warriors.

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MZ648 Lord of the Rings 'Galadriel™ of terrible aspect' vignette
One of the most powerful and oldest beings in Middle-earth, Galadriel was offered the One Ring by Frodo during the Fellowship’s stay in Lothlorien. Like Saruman she would use the Ring for good were she to wield it, but wisely, and unlike Saruman, she realized its corrupting power. For a moment Frodo had a glimpse of Galadriel in her terrible aspect as the bearer of the One Ring "dreadful as the storm and the lightning”, but the moment passed, she rejected the ring and Frodo realized the folly of offering her this terrible power.
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MZ642 Lord of the Rings 'Gildor Inglorion™ in robes' Fellowship Figure.
A Noldo of the house of Finarfin, Gildor, in the latter part of the Third-age, led a wandering band of Elves, occasionally residing at Rivendell, the tower hills or at the Grey Havens where the High-Elves had their last foothold in Middle-earth. 
Here he is seen at the court of Cirdan whence he eventually departed Middle-earth for the west.
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MZ639 Lord of the Rings 'Elven Cartographer' Fellowship Figure.
If the lore and wisdom of the high Elves survived in Middle-earth, it did so in Ered Luin where the remnant of Beleriand dwelt in its Grey Havens. Among their other skills the Elves retained their ancient talents as master cartographers. This figure represents an Elven woman from the Grey Havens surveying the land for the purposes of map-making.
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MZ633 Lord of the Rings 'Orophin™ of Lorien' Fellowship Figure.
A Silvan Elf, Orophin lived in the forest of Lothlorien, the domain of Galadriel. Like his brothers Rumil and Haldir, Orophin was skilled in archery and woodcraft. He served as one of the guardians of the forest.
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MS603 Lord of the Rings Female Sylvan™ Elf' Fellowship Figures.While the Elvenking and his closest retainers are Sindarin in origin, most of the Elves in his Mirkwood realm are Sylvan elves, skilled in woodcraft of all kinds and masters of tracking and stealth. This figure, a herbalist, is a Sylvan rather than a Sindarin Elf as I always envisage the former as having curly as well as straight hair. The knife is for gathering herbs rather than a weapon.
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MS594 Lord of the Rings 'Rumil™, of Lothorien™' Fellowship Figure.

Together with his brother Haldir, Rumil was one of the Elven guards who watched over the borders of Galadriel's realm at the time of the war of the Ring. Able to move swiftly and in silence the Elven archers of Lothlorien were an effective barrier to unwanted intruders into the forest. They could deliver their deadly arrows even before an enemy was aware of their presence.


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MS590 Lord of the Rings 'Galdor™' Fellowship Figure.Galdor was a Sindarin elf from the Grey Havens in the north-west of Middle-earth. He was sent by Cirdan the shipright to represent his people at the council of Elrond at the start of the war of the Ring.
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MS587 Lord of the Rings 'Legolas™ and Gimli™ riding Arod™' Fellowship Figure.Eomer gave Aragorn and his companions two horses to help them travel across Rohan. One of the horses was called Arod and bore Legolas and Gimli across the plains of Rohan in search for their friends.
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MS585 Lord of the Rings 'Erestor™ of Rivendell™' Fellowship Figure.Erestor was a Noldo elf and was one of Elrond’s chief councilors and advisors at the stronghold of Rivendell. He was present at the great council which decided that Frodo the Halfling should take the One Ring to its destruction at Mount Doom.
This is a primed metal miniature.
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MS578 Lord of the Rings 'The Passing of Elessar™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.King Elessar was crowned in the momentous year 3019 T.A. and ruled the united kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor until year 120 in the Fourth age. His queen, Arwen, although of Elven stock, had chosen the fate of men rather than of Elves and remained always in Middle-earth, never seeking passage to the West. In this vignette both Arwen and her son Eldarion, stand before the tomb of Elessar, which is flanked by Minas Tirith guardsmen. At the foot of the tomb rests the winged crown of Gondor, which Eldarion will inherit.
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MS557 Lord of the Rings 'Sindarin™ Bard (Elf)' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Sindarin Elves were a minority and often rulers of places like Mirkwood forest. Legolas was a Sindarin Elf. Elves love music and bards would be an honored profession in their ranks with a lengthy Elven history and vast host of stories to draw from.
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MS551 Lord of the Rings 'Haldir™, Guardian of Lorien™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Haldir was one of the Galadhrim or "Wood-elves" He and his two brothers were Marchwardens of the Lorien during the War of the Ring.
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MS530 Lord of the Rings 'Celebrian™, Elven Wife of Elrond™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Celebrian - The daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, Celebrian is the consort of Elrond and the mother of Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen. In 2509 TA she was captured by orcs in the Hithaeglir while travelling from Imladris to Lorien. Although rescued by her sons, a wound that she sustained during this ordeal caused her to depart Middle-earth for the West shortly there-after.
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MS483 Lord of the Rings 'Annatar™ fighting Celebrimbor™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Celebrimbor plays an important role as the maker of the Rings of Power under the guidance of Annatar, a fair guise of Sauron, also known as 'Lord of Gifts'. But secretly, without Annatar's knowledge, Celebrimbor created the three Rings of the Elves, the greatest and fairest of the Rings of Power. These rings were thus free of Annatar's corrupting influence.
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MS482 Lord of the Rings 'Forging of Anduril™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.The Flame of the West, the sword of Aragorn Elessar, reforged by the Elves of Rivendell from the Shards of Elendil's ancient sword Narsil. It is shown here being handled by a master smith as he checks the blade is perfect.
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MS466 Lord of the Rings 'Thranduil's™ Standard Bearer' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Thranduil was also known as the Elvenking, ruler of Mirkwood forest and surrounding lands. He lead an army to the mountain and took part in the Battle of the Five Armies™. This is his standard bearer.
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MS462 Lord of the Rings 'Thranduil™, Battle of the Five Armies™' Fellowship 32mm Scale Figure.Thranduil was son of Oropher and father of Legolas. He was known in 'The Hobbit' as the Elvenking, and his realm was Mirkwood. He ordered the capture of the Dwarves when they intruded on the Elves territory, mistrusting their motives as Thorin was secretive.
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MS440 Lord of the Rings 'Cirdan™ the Shipwright' Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.Círdan continued to maintain the havens at Mithlond throughout the Third Age and into the Fourth.
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MS298 Lord of the Rings 'Return of the King' Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.When the War of the Ring was over, upon the day of Midsummer, in presence of Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel, Celeborn and Galadriel, Aragorn married Arwen in the City of Minas Tirith.
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MM406 Lord of the Rings 'Lorien Elven swordman' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.Battle of Mirkwood (Part 1) - 'Galadriel's armies' series.
This range depicts a section of the War of the Ring that takes place in the forest of Mirkwood. While the main action is taking place in Mordor, another battle is being fought in Mirkwood between Galadriel and her allies and the servants of Sauron.

Galadriel was a co-ruler of Lothlórien, so Lorien Elves fought in Mirkwood against the armies of Dol Guldur.

This 32mm scale metal miniature is primed with Mithril's special undercoat paint. These miniatures are unpainted and may require some assembly.


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