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32mm Box Sets

32mm Box Sets

Mithril produce an expanding range of boxed sets depicting the larger creatures of Middle-earth. Most boxed items are produced in kit form in a number of pieces which require assembly before painting. Producing larger miniatures in this way ensures that the maximum amount of animation and action can be designed into the figures which a one-piece casting could not achieve. Each kit has an instruction sheet included.

32mm Classics

32mm Classics

The Mithril Classics series represent key personalities and generic types selected from Mithrils huge range of over 500 Middle-earth subjects.

32mm Designer MX

32mm Designer MX

Every collectors dream is to make their collection the best is the world.
Mithril is giving you a chance to achieve this dream today, you get to design the next Mithril miniature crafted by our sculptor Chris Tubb.

For many years you have desired that particular figure you felt was missing from our range, some character that would finally satisfy that ache every true collector gets when he looks at that empty spot in his or her prize collection.

32mm Helm's Deep LT

32mm Helm's Deep LTA series of 32mm scale metal miniatures themed around the battle for Helm's Deep, a Rohirrim Fortress under seige by the armies of Orcs from Isengard. The bases of these miniatures is of a different style to distinguish them from the regular M-series releases.

32mm Limited LR

32mm Limited LRMithril's Limited Edition pewter LotR miniatures are ideal collectors pieces. Some assembly is required, and we recommend strong glue (e.g: epoxy glue) which is not included.

32mm M-Series

32mm M-SeriesMithril's longest running series of 32mm scale metal miniatures, which have been amazingly successful over the years. Many of the earlier numbers in this range is no longer produced or sold via our website and are therefore very rare and expensive.

32mm Rare Stock

32mm Rare StockMithril has a small amount of rare out of production miniatures left in stock. These come from many themes over the last 20+ years. Blister card condition may vary as this is old stock.

32mm Vignettes

32mm VignettesMithril produce an exciting range of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Vignettes. These take aspects of the story from Tolkien's books and bring them to glorious 3D for you to paint as you want.

54mm LO series

54mm LO series

These are 30 miniaturesof our Lord of the Rings 54mm range, depicting key characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's books. The first 10 figures include the entire Fellowship of the Ring and Galadriel. The other20 include key characters or races that provide you witha well rounded collection.Enjoy the Tolkien experience in glorious 54mm.

Antique Finished Figures

Antique Finished FiguresA collection of antique finished Lord of the Rings figures.

Clearance Figures

Clearance FiguresMithril miniatures has marked down the following figures to clear stock to make room for new miniatures. The current stock is all that is available, once sold, we will not manufacture any more.


ClothingLimited stock of high quality Fellowship clothing in range of sizes.

Fellowship Range

Fellowship RangeThe Mithril Fellowship members club has been a special part of Mithril Miniatures since our inception in 1987.
The new GOLD STATUS Mithril Fellowship is the ultimate and most exclusive Lord of the Rings club in the World.


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