Gary McNaney

Photos of a collection of Mithril Miniatures painted by Gary McNaney.
MC5 Great Goblin by Gary McNaneyMC5 The Great Goblin.
MC27 Mouth of Sauron by Gary McNaneyMC27 Mouth of Sauron.
MS455 Beorn battles Bolg by Gary McNaneyMS455 Beorn battles Bolg.
MS553 Gandalf and Gwaihir by Gary McNaneyMS553 Gandalf and Gwaihir
MS578 Passing of Elessar by Gary McNaneyMS578 The Passing of Elessar vignette
MS579 Halbarad with standard by Gary McNaneyMS579 Halbarad with unfurled standard
MV362 Bilbo Surrenders the One Ring by Gary McNaneyMV362 Bilbo surrenders the One Ring
MZ640 Aragorn at the Black Gate by Gary McNaneyMZ640 Aragorn at the Black Gate
MZ649 Azog with the head of Thror by Gary McNaneyMZ649 Azog with the head of Thror.


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