Jerome Quersin

A collection of Mithril Miniatures painted by Jérôme Quersin.
M120 Prancing Pony seated Lute player and girl by Jérôme QuersinM120 Prancing Pony seated Lute player and girl
M172 Lesser Ghost of the Underdark by Jérôme QuersinM172 Lesser ghost of the underdark
M255-257 Barrow-wights by Jérôme QuersinM255, M256 and M257 Barrow Wights
MB369 Uruloki by Jérôme QuersinMB369 Uruloki Fire Dragon
M348 Farmer Maggot & dogs by Jérôme QuersinM348 Farmer Maggot and dogs
MB418 Mumak of Harad by Jérôme QuersinMB418 Mumak of Harad - Olipaunt
MB422 Smaug Dragon Triumphant by Jérôme QuersinMB422 Smaug the Dragon Triumphant
MB560 White Council Vignette by Jérôme QuersinMB560 The White Council vignette
MS258 Oath of Eorl and Cirion Vignette by Jérôme QuersinMS258 The Oath of Eorl and Cirion vignette
MS297 Tom Bombadill Vignette by Jérôme QuersinMS297 Tom Bombadill and the Badger folk vignette
MS299 Gandalf & WitchKing Vignette by Jérôme QuersinMS299 Gandalf and Witch-king vignette
MS455 Beorn Battles Bolg Vignette by Jérôme QuersinMS455 Beorn battles Bolg vignette
MS468 Haradrian Champion by Jérôme QuersinMS468 Haradrian Champion on Camel


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