Gavin Bennett

Photos of a collection of Mithril Miniatures painted by Gavin Bennett.
Gavin Bennett - Dunnish WarriorCadell of Dunfearan, fostern of the Erlaidd of Rhudaur. Cadell has returned to the north to honour his family's alliance with the Erlaidd in their war against the Witch King.
Gavin Bennett - Euric of DaleNorthman Bard, born of a wealthy merchant family, an extravagant dresser and weaver of tall tales and drinking songs.
Gavin Bennett - Heofigan of the BrandywineA thief and smuggler from the Rivermen of Eriador.
Gavin Bennett - In the RuinsHialmar, Euric and Nirena of Fornost face a Half-Troll Captain and orcs while defending Malbeth the Seer as the royal embassy to the Erlaidd travels through Rhudaur.
Gavin Bennett - Rhudaur Ambush 3As dawn breaks, Frumgar of Rhovanion, Anarion of Iach Sarn, Anarath, the mage Haldan Tarma, Eiriol of Lorien and a captain of Arthedain take the battle to the enemy.
Gavin Bennett - Vs The OrcsGlorfindel and Eilinel of Lorien face the enemy.
Gavin Bennett - Dagohir and AnimistThe Warlord Dagohir and an Orc Animist approach an Arthedain encampment on the eve of the Last Northern War.
Gavin Bennett - Glorfindel, Gildor and and two Sindarin ElvesIn this scene, Glorfindel, Gildor and and two Sindarin Elves from distant Lorien confront Dagohir the warlord and his Orc allies.


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