David Daines Entry

I prepared the figure by over-spraying the grey undercoat with white primer as I wanted the lighter colours to hopefully be a bit brighter (I find some colours do not always go well over grey). First off I block in the flesh colours using a slightly darker flesh colour than I would for elves or female characters. At this stage of life, trying to paint in eyes is a forlorn hope so I will aim to give the impression of facial detail at a later stage.

I did get a bit carried away at  this point securing the figure to the base and building up the groundwork using MagicSculpt, the main reason being to avoid excessive handling of the figure.

Next, painting from the inside out, I blocked in the trousers, jerkin, and shoulder pads to give me a sense of how the end result might look. I also painted the helmet, boots, and mail shirt at this stage.

Next to be worked on was the surcoat which I chose to paint a blue colour with heraldry finished in white. Once the main figure was painted the cloak was painted a dark red and painted on some patterns in a lighter colour. At this stage I concentrate on blocking the main colours and once this is complete I can now concentrate on highlighting the details. For this I use Army Painter Strong and Dark Tones, these are washes which I find bring out the details quite well, and on the face they help emphasise the features that I can no longer paint. I dry-brushed over the cloak as I wanted this to look travel-worn from the journey to Minas Tirith. Some use of chalk pastel was made to add subtle shadows.

The bow and sword were added at this point, I would've added a bowstring, but time has been limited so I will perhaps do this at a later stage.

The ground-work was static-grass applied direct to white PVA glue over a green base coat.
David Daines Entry 1MZ630 Duinhir pic 1
David Daines Entry 2MZ630 Duinhir pic 2
David Daines Entry 3MZ630 Duinhir pic 3
David Daines Entry 4MZ630 Duinhir pic 4
David Daines Entry 5MZ630 Duinhir pic 5
David Daines Entry 6MZ630 Duinhir pic 6
David Daines Entry 7MZ630 Duinhir pic 7


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