Kim Hyndman Entry

Kim Hyndman MZ630 Duinhir Painting Competition entry.
Kim Hyndman Entry 1Since Duinhir of Morthond is Gondorian, I chose Vallejo Royal Blue for his tabard, Vallejo Silver was used for their details. I layered various lighter versions of the blue, thinned with water, to achieve highlights.
Kim Hyndman Entry 2Darker shadows were achieved prior to the highlights with a darkened version blue wash. I drybrushed the highest points in a lightened version of this blue.
Kim Hyndman Entry 3His shirt colour is Vallejo German Cam. Dark Green mixed with a bit of white. Washed the Game Color Umber Wash and drybrushed with a lighter version of the green.
Kim Hyndman Entry 4The bracers and boots are Vallejo Cork Brown with Umber Wash and Black Red and Old Gold Accents.
Kim Hyndman Entry 5The cape was painted with Game Color Gold Grey, washed with Game Color Black Wash and drybrushed with Cold Grey mixed with white. Details were painted in Cold Grey. Quiver was painted in Game Color Tierra Earth, Burnt Red and Old Gold.
Kim Hyndman Entry 6Pants were painted in Model Color German Cam. Dark Green with Game Color Black Wash and drybrushed with lightened version of the green.
Kim Hyndman Entry 7The chainmail was painted in Vallejo Silver and Washed with Game Color Black Wash.
Kim Hyndman Entry 8The Bow is Vallejo Cork Brown, Model Color Amaranth Red with a wash of Game Color Umber Wash. Green flocking with glued around the rocks for more realistic scene.
Kim Hyndman Entry 9The cape was painted in this color and was drybrushed with a lightened version of this colour. Drybrushing the highlights onto the cape.
Kim Hyndman Entry 10These colors were used for the ground in different thicknesses to achieve a believable rock and ground colour. Adding a last drybrush to the rocky ground for contract.
Kim Hyndman Entry 11Burnt Cam. Red was used for the Quiver. The Scholar Flesh and Dark Highlights paints were used for the face. The image shows putting the final touches on the quiver.


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