Brian Snary

Photos of a collection of Mithril Miniatures painted byBrian Snary.
Brian Snary - M401, M407 & M415 - 'Battle of Mirkwood'The Battle for Mirkwood which uses 3 figures from the range of the same name. and gave me a chance to play with scenery - sort of subdued and decayed.
Brian Snary - MS280 - 'Proclamation of Wulf'I think this is a beautiful piece with lots of scope for colour and variety - it took me a while to pluck up the courage to paint this but im pleased with the result.
Brian Snary - Gandalf and Bilbo Miniatures - 'Good Morning''Good morning' is an Early Gandalf figure with a Bilbo slightly coverted from a seated Frodo figure. I took my inspiration from a picture by Ted Nasmith.


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