Michael Jach Entry

Michael Jach Painting Competition entry.
Michael Jach Entry 1After preparing the figure I began to paint the bottom, the robe and the chest. That will be the greatest parts of the figure. The work here is not so fine than in the later steps.
Michael Jach Entry 2Then followed the brown, grey, silver and flesh parts. Shoes, shirt, armour and face. In this step the painting is finer than before but not finished.
Michael Jach Entry 3Then I paint the white stars on the chest and the more little pieces of the figure. After that step I began to paint finer there where I work before not so fine.
Michael Jach Entry 4The next step I paint brighter paints on my original paints. In the face a brighter flesh and on the cape.
Michael Jach Entry 5Next I use a ink for the metal pieces to make them older. The bigger painting parts were brushes with brighter paints. Cape, trousers. At last I make the beard, hair and the eyes. And finally two parts of varnish.
Michael Jach Entry 6Back of the figure showing the final version of MZ630 Duinhir entry.


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