Marcelo Mas

Photos of a collection of Mithril Miniatures painted by Marcelo Mas.
Marcelo Mas - High Captain & Cave TrollHigh Captain of Aradhrynd M67 & Cave Troll of the Under-deeps M174
Marcelo Mas - Lake-town adventurer - Female WoodmanM135 Lake-town Adventurer and M317 Female Woodman Scout.
Marcelo Mas - Riddles in the DarkBilbo and Gollum M144
Marcelo Mas - Bandits of Tir Limlight - Lesser Barrow-wightM193 Bandits of Tir Limlight, M255 Lesser Barrow-wight.
Marcelo Mas - Elvish Female Adventurer - Lorien SpearmanM212 Elvish Female Adventurer, M213 Lorien Spearman
Marcelo Mas - Corpse Candle - Northern Female RangerM250 Corpse Candle, M325 Northman female ranger.
Marcelo Mas - Dunland Girl - Rohir foot warriorM318 Dunland Girl Warrior, M261 Rohir foot-warrior
Marcelo Mas - Boromir M128Boromir is from Gondor and the son of the ruling steward, Denathor.
Marcelo Mas - Gollum M232Gollum was a wretched creature that lost the One Ring and was desperate to reclaim it.
Marcelo Mas - Hama of Meduseld M266Hama guarded Theodan's Hall, Rohan's leader. He allowed Gandalf to keep his staff.
Marcelo Mas - Wormtongue M181Grima Wormtongue was an agent of Saruman in Rohan's court, acting as adviser to their king.
Marcelo Mas - 'Prancing Pony' Girl M120From the Prancing Pony series, M120 was 'Seated Lute-Player & Girl'.
Marcelo Mas - Goldberry M54Wife of Bombadil
Marcelo Mas - Gandalf M228Gandalf the Grey is the most famous Wizard in Middle-earth.
Marcelo Mas - Lorien Guardian M210Elven warriors defend their lands fiercely.
Marcelo Mas - Elrond M230Elrond is lord of Rivendale.
Marcelo Mas - Townsfolk M203A citizen of Middle-earth and lives in Bree.
Marcelo Mas - Thranduil M234The Elven King of Mirkwood forest.
Marcelo Mas - Elrond with Ring of Air M143Elrond has one of the Rings of power, the Ring of Air.
Marcelo Mas - Blue Wizard of the East LR04There were other wizards than just Gandalf, Saruman and Radagast.
Marcelo Mas -  M516 and M514 Half-orcsIncludes M516 Hooded Half-orc with spear and M514 Half-orc thrusting with spear.
Marcelo Mas -  M380 DamrodIncludes M380 Damrod running
Marcelo Mas -  M253 Swamp starIncludes M253 Swamp Star
Marcelo Mas -  Orcish bomb squadIncludes M545 Orcish sapper, M544 Snaga with torch and M543 Orcish fuse setter.
Marcelo Mas -  Orc WarriorsIncludes M21 Orc Warrior, M334 Lugburz Captain, M385 Morgul Orc
Marcelo Mas -  Orc captainsIncludes M180 Half-orc captain and M541 Orcish fire squad captain
Marcelo Mas -  Eowyn mountedIncludes M316 Eowyn mounted
Marcelo Mas -  Warg and Ringwraith in the ShireIncludes M25 Large Warg and M349 The Ringwraith in the Shire.
Marcelo Mas -  Gandalf and GwaihirIncludes MS553 Gandalf and Gwaihir the Eagle
Marcelo Mas -  Celeborn and Undead WarriorIncludes M211 Celeborn and M251 Undead warrior
Marcelo Mas -  Beleg Strongbow and Oropher Elven KingIncludes M221 Beleg Strongbow and M275 Oropher Elven King
Marcelo Mas -  Rohirrim Warrior and TheodenIncludes M5 Rohirrim warrior and M27 Theoden King
Marcelo Mas -  Gondorian soldier and Stone TrollIncludes M7 Gondorian soldier and M23 Large Stone Troll
Marcelo Mas -  Uruk-hai Royal GuardsmenIncludes M94 Uruk-hai Royal Guardsmen
Marcelo Mas -  Orc chief & Orcish soldiersIncludes M20 Orc chief and M98 Orcish soldiers


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