Daniel Alcubierre

I started buying Mithril miniatures for Role-playing purposes, when I was at highschool, getting first all the orcs and warriors I can get; but soon I realised that painting these wonderful miniatures was so fun as playing, and I begin to collect them, so they matched my vision of how the people of Middle-Earth should be. The realistic look caused that I want paint also in a real way, seeking descriptions in the books.

I started painting with temper paints, I still have some old minis painted this way, and the results are not bad, but I want to progress and I pass to acrylics. Time, practice and looking the work of other people helped me to evolve, and now I are very satisfied with the results (but still trying improve them). I hope you like it too.

Daniel Alcubierre - M102 M102 "Bralg the insane" from "Mount Gundabad" series.
Daniel Alcubierre - M3 The Witch King of AngmarM3 The Witch King of Angmar from "Races of Middle Earth" series.


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