FAQ: Why don't you sell the full range of Mithril Miniatures?
    While we are the manufacturers of Mithril Miniatures, we do not continue to make every miniature ever produced.
We have been making miniatures based on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books since 1987 and have amassed many hundreds of miniatures during that time period. These are collectable and to allow for their collectability we have stopped producing ranges after a certain period of time or produce them only in a limited batch initially.
These allow collectors to trade between themselves for rare stock that is missing from their collections.
One of the most famous rare figures is M16, a Female Ranger. This is often considered the hardest figure to find among all our ranges.
We would undermine that collectability if we started producing those miniatures again.

However we do recognise that it is important to keep vital characters like Gandalf, Theoden, Bilbo, etc available to a customer and have a small range of Classic figures for that purpose, which are sourced from the now out of stock M-series ranges. The bases clearly show the MC number instead of the original number to prevent confusion.

If you find that a character from the books is not available then you do have an opportunity to get a version of it made by joining the Fellowship club and submitting your idea during the monthly selection. The new version will look sufficently different to avoid confusion with the earlier sculpt.
Alternatively you can commission directly a new sculpt with our MX Designer project. Please email us for more details.


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