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MS423gsf Join Gold Status Fellowship club + Free 'Aragorn™ & the Palantir™' figure.

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MS423gsf Join Gold Status Fellowship club + Free 'Aragorn™ & the Palantir™' figure.Join the Gold Status Fellowship Club and you can suggest a new Lord of the Rings miniature every month and vote on that month's list. The winning idea every month goes on to Mithril's production list. All new members get a free miniature (MS423 Aragorn and the Palantir) and 5 Tengwar magazines that give new members key information about Mithril's view of Tolkien's books when interpreted into metal miniatures.

There are some simple rules to the club.
  1. Every month all members can suggest a new figure on our forum.
  2. All figures suggested MUST match our license agreement with Middle-earth Enterprises, and the decision to include any new idea falls to our sculptor, Chris Tubb.
  3. Figures must come from the books of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Other books are excluded, as are characters from LOTR movies or cartoons.
  4. Every month members can vote on the complied list of suggested ideas. There are usually 2 sets of votes, the first has the full list, the second has the 2 or 3 most popular finalists from the 1st vote. This allows you to fine tune your influence on how the vote works. UPDATE: If the amount of ideas is less than 7 we will extend the suggestion period until it reaches that amount. This may result in two months getting combined.
  5. There are two bonus figures available (stock allowing) on this website for loyal members that have bought a certain number of figures in that bonus figure's year.
  6. There are discounts available on Duplicate figures (a 2nd figure of a release), but only for a limited time.
  7. The winning entry get the right to get the first casting which will be engraved with serial number 1.
  8. Guidelines for submissions vary over the year, usually we ask for only single figure suggestions, single figure & mounted figure suggestions or an 'open' month which allows for multiple figures in a small vignette (example: 'Sauron at Gorgoroth'). Maximum of 4 open months in a calendar year.
  9. Chris Tubb, our sculptor, has the final say in design ability of a figure.
  10. All members will get frequent email newsletters from Mithril updating them on the voting, fellowship offers, news, previews, etc. You are automatically subscribed when joining. Usually 3 per month.
Customer reviews
It's good to be a member again after a long absence. The Aragorn figure is beautiful, as are all Mithril Miniatures, but I forgot just how graceful they are in person.
Jim M.
Very nice figure as a free item to becoming part of the fellowship. Thank you.
Kimberly H.
Love the chance to partake in the decision on the next figures to be produced by becoming a Gold Fellowship member! Mithril miniatures are outstanding in their detail and craftsmanship.
Nice to be part of the fellowship again.
Riccy Y.


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