Archive of Mithril Miniatures released since 1987

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Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
The races of Middle-earth™ (1) (1988) Galadriel™ M1 Yes
Elrond™ Half-Elven M2 Yes
The witch-king of Angmar™ mounted M3 Yes
Mounted rider of Rohan™ M4 Yes
Rohir foot warrior or bard M5 Yes
footplate Prince or footplate Mithril
Gondorian guard captain M6 Yes
Gondorian foot soldier M7 Yes
Dunlending chieftain M8 Yes
Dunlending warrior M9 Yes
Dunlending priestess M10 Yes
Sindarin Elf (mage) M11 Yes
Sindarin Elf (warrior) M12 Yes
Sindarin Elf (female scout) M13 Yes
Arthedain captain M14 Yes
Northman scout M15 Yes
The races of Middle-earth™ (2) (1988) Female ranger M16 Yes
Sagath warrior M17 Yes
Sagath animist M18 Yes
Dwarvish warrior M19 Yes
Hithaeglir Orc chieftain M20 Yes
Hithaeglir Orc warrior M21 Yes
Goblin scout M22 Yes
Large stone Troll M23 Yes
Barrow-wight king M24 Yes
Large Warg M25 Yes
Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
The Riders of Rohan™ (1988) Eothraim prince M26 Yes
Theoden™, king of the Mark M27 Yes
Mounted Rohir warrior (lance) M28 Yes
Mounted Rohir archer M29 Yes
Mounted Rohir standard-bearer M30 Yes

Mounted Rohir officer M31 Yes
Thieves of Tharbad™ (1988) Princess Nirnadel™ M32 Yes
Dirhavel™, the alchemist M33 Yes
Silmarien™ the mage M34 Yes
Tharbad city-guard & officer (2fig) M35 Yes
Cardolanian mercenary M36 Yes
Cutpurse M37 Yes
Smuggler M38 Yes
Cardolanian hir (nobleman) M39 Yes
Tardegil™, captain of the army M40 Yes

Nimhir™, the regent M41 Yes
The Witch-king of Angmar™ (1988) Angmar, mannish captain (mounted) M42 Yes
Angmar, mannish warrior (scimitar) M43 Yes
Angmar, mannish warrior (spear) M44 Yes
Angmar, Orc berserker M45 Yes
Angmar, Orc archer M46 Yes
Angmar, Orc with spear M47 Yes
Angmar, Troll with morning-star M48 Yes
Angmar, Troll with cleaver M49 Yes
Angmar, Orc (scimitar) M50 Yes
Angmar, Orc wolf-rider (horn, scimitar) M51 Yes
Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
The Shirefolk (1988) Gandalf™, the wizard M52 Yes
Tom Bombadil™ M53 Yes
Goldberry™ M54 Yes
Innkeeper at Bree M55 Yes
Gate-warden at Bree M56 Yes
Two Hobbit travellers M57 Yes
Marcho™ & Blanco™
M58 Yes
Female Hobbit & children (3fig) M59 Yes
Hobbit scout on pony M60 Yes
Two Hobbit fighters (bow&spear) M61 Yes
Boxed Set (1988) Smaug™ the Dragon, Bilbo™ & treasure M62 No
The Halls of the Elvenking (1988) King Thranduil™, the Elvenking (enthroned) M63 Yes
Variant Round Base.
Queen Arhendril™ & two maids M64 Yes
Legolas™ M65 Yes
Galion™, Elvenking’s butler M66 Yes
Elven high captain of Aradhrynd™ M67 Yes
Elven royal guardsman M68 Yes
Silvan seer M69 Yes
Silvan bowman M70 Yes
Silvan swordsman M71 Yes
Silvan tracker M72 Yes
Far Harad™ (1988) Haradan caravan guard (mounted on camel) M73 Yes
Haradan caravan guard M74 Yes
Visi footguard & officer M75 Yes
Haradan wealthy trader / councillor M76 Yes
Haradan sand-man M77 Yes
The Razrac™ M78 Yes
Junast’s guard M79 Yes
Haradan sand ghouls (Lesinas) (2fig) M80 Yes
N. adventurer in desert garb M81 Yes
Haradan master of the Tama M82 Yes
Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
The Vales of the Anduin (1988) Smeagol™ & Deagol™ in boat M83 Yes
Radagast™ the wizard M84 Yes
Beorn™ (as man) M85 Yes
Variant 'paw up' Beorn™ (as bear) paw down M86 / MCD4 ½ No, Variant Yes
Beorn’s animals (3fig) M87 Yes
Beorning fighter M88 Yes
Beorning lord M89 Yes
Woodmen (2fig) M90 Yes
Woodmen elder M91 Yes
Woodmen animist M92 Yes
Mount Gundabad™ (1988) Zalg™, the Goblin king M93 Yes
Gundabad™, Uruk-Hai royal guards (2 fig) M94 Yes
Saviga™, Zalg’s consort M95 Yes
Akargin™, warlock of Gundabad M96 Yes
Gundabad™, Uruk-Hai Imps (3 fig) M97 Yes
Gundabad™, Orcish soldiers (2 fig) M98 Yes
Karagat™, high-priest of Gundabad & victim M99 Yes
Mannish slaves (2fig) M100 Yes
Gundabad, Orc serfs (3fig) M101 Yes
Bralg™ the insane M102 Yes
Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
Mirkwood™ (1988) Giant spider of Mirkwood M103 / MC30 No
Bilbo™ & 2 Dwarf victims M104 Yes
Huinen™ the seer M105 Yes
Arien Elven mage M106 Yes
Lachglin™, the animist of Mirkwood M107 Yes
The silent shadow M108 Yes
Werewolf of Mirkwood M109 Yes
Female warrior M110 Yes
Dwarvish scout M111 Yes
Northman bard M112 Yes
At the Prancing Pony (1988) Strider™, Frodo™ and Sam™ (3 fig) M113 Yes
Seated cardplayers (2fig) M114 Yes
Serving girl and Hobbit M115 Yes
Drinking companions (3fig) M116 Yes
Seated men drinking (2fig) M117 Yes
Bill Ferny™ and Southron spy M118 Yes
Pot boy and dog M119 Yes
Seated lute-player and girl M120 Yes
Drunken men (2 fig) M121 Yes
Accessories, tables, chairs etc. M122 Yes
The fellowship of the ring (1988) Frodo™ and Sam™ M123 / MB237 No
Variant figure in one piece
Strider™ M124 / MB237/ MC12 / MCD7 ½ No
Alternative sword-arm.
Gandalf™ M125 / MB237 No
Legolas™ M126 / MB237 No
Gimli™ M127 / MB237 No
Boromir™ M128 / MB237/ MC13 / MCD7 ½ No
Merry™ and Pippin™ M129 / MB237 No
Series & Variants
Miniature Name
Product Code
Out of Production
Laketown (1990) Longboat and crew M130 Yes
The master of Laketown M131 Yes
Bard™ of Esgaroth M132 Yes
Laketown guardsman M133 Yes
Raft-Elves M134 Yes
Laketown adventurer M135 Yes
Personalities of the third age (1990) The mirror of Galadriel™ M136 / MC16 / MCD8 ½ No
Celeborn™ M137 Yes
Saruman™ and the Palantir M138 / MCD9½ No
Saruman™ and the Palantir MC17 No
Aragorn™ and Arwen™ M139 Yes
The great eagle, Bilbo™ & Dori™ M140 Yes
The great Goblin M141 Yes
Glorfindel™ M142 / MC6 No
Elrond™ and the ring of air M143 Yes
Gollum™ and Bilbo™ M144 Yes
Gorgoroth™ (1990) The mouth of Sauron™ M145 Yes
The mouth of Sauron MC24 No
Mounted Nazgul™ M146 Yes
Mounted Nazgul™ MC25 No
Nazgul™ on foot M147 / MC26 / MCD10½ No
Olog-Hai Troll M148 / MC27 No
Half-troll commander M149 Yes
Uruk™ M150 Yes
Orcs of Mordor (2 fig) M151 / MC29 No
Variag horseman M152 Yes
Haradan captain M153 Yes
Haradan infantry (2 fig) M154 Yes


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