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Mithril™ was founded in 1987 and has been dedicated since then to the creation of miniature figures, inspired by Middle-earth as portrayed by J.R.R. Tolkien in his books, 'The Hobbit™' and 'The Lord of the Rings™'. It has been our intention to faithfully recreate the characters from these works and imbue the miniatures as much as possible with the atmosphere and feel of Middle-earth™.

To this end much painstaking research has gone into this range, both in costume and character appearance, so as to make and retain an authentic and consistent feel to the figures and above all to remain true to Tolkien's original vision of his strange and magical world.

Mithril Miniatures now offers Advantage Points when you buy our products. For every 10 Euro (rounded down)you spend on our products you gain 1 Advantage Point. You can start to redeem the points when they reach 5 points. At that stage each point equals 1 Euro. You can check your balance in your account. Points are not awarded on any order that points are redeemed in.

As an extra bonus we have a special Loyalty Figures category that allows you to redeem points and get FREE figures. Just include the product code (e.g. M222) in the special instructions in your order and make sure that you have the required points in your account.
Master Painter Roi Gonzalez Tutorial
MZ650: Easterling™ king.
MZ650: Easterling™ king figure
Price: €21
MZ644: 'Watcher at Cirith Ungol™'
Watcher at Cirith Ungol
Price: €24.95
Lorien boat with Gimli™ and Legolas™
'Lorien boat with Gimli and Legolas' metal vignette
Price: €39.95
MZ646: 'Half-orc Hornist'
MZ646 Half-orc Hornist
Price: €21
News Flash
New Releases in June 2018:
Two new 32mm scale metal miniatures released this month:
The Watchers were immobile guardians at the entrance to Cirith Ungol that could keep enemies at bay by sheer force of will.
This Easterling king gained one of the nine rings from Sauron but has not yet become a nazgul.

These miniatures are unprimed and require assembly.

MZ644 Watcher at Cirith Ungol and MZ650 Easterling king
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