Merry Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figure

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Merry Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figure Meriadoc Brandybuck, known as Merry, was one of the hobbits amongst the Ring Companions. In the course of his adventures he became a friend to the Ent folk and later became esquire to Theoden the king of Rohan. His closest companion was Pippin. He also aided Eowyn when she faced and killed the Witch King - a lord of the Nazgul.

This miniature was designed by Chris Tubb, an internationally famous Miniature designer for over 20 years, most well know for his Lord of the Rings miniatures created for Mithril Miniatures.

Each figure is carefully researched to be faithful to J.R.R. Tolkien's original vision and painted by our experienced Irish artists here in Cork, Ireland to reflect that vision.

The miniatures are made of pewter and this figures height is 37mm from base to the top of it's head. Average range scale is 54mm.


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