LR1-10 LOTR '5 Istari™ and Early Ringbearers™' 32mm Scale Box Set Collection.

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LR1-10 LOTR '5 Istari™ and Early Ringbearers™' 32mm Scale Box Set Collection.LR Limited Edition pewter series.
This box set contains LR1 to LR10, including figures not available separately. Box sets are not matching number sets for all 10 figures.
The Five Istari Story Background:
When the shadow of Sauron re-emerged after a thousand years of the Third-age, The Istari or wizards appeared in Middle-earth. Of mysterious origins they are said to have been sent from the far west to counter his growing threat. The order of the Istari was just five in number, Saruman the White, their leader, Gandalf the grey, Radagast the Brown and the blue wizards of the South and East.

For the most part they worked secretly against the growing power of the Dark-lord, keeping their powers hidden until the final war. Of the five, the blue wizards went into the east on unknown quests, but Gandalf, Saruman and Radagst remained in the North-west where each played a role in the great struggle against Sauron.

The Early Ringbearers Story Background:
The three Elven rings were the amongst the most powerful magical creations in Middle-earth. Forged by Celebrimbor, but unlike all the other rings made under the tutelage of Sauron in Eregion, they were made in secret and untainted by the Dark-lord's touch. In them a great part of the Elven power was invested and henceforth the fate of the elves was bound up with that of the Elven-rings.

The first ring was Narya, the ring of Fire whose first bearer was Cirdan of the Havens. Nenya, the ring of adamant or water was borne by Galadriel of Lothlorien. Vilya the ring of air, whose stone was sapphire was borne by Gil-galad the last high-king in the west. The One ring was forged by Sauron himself in the choking furnaces of Orodruin, and had power over all the lesser rings save those of the Elves. The One-ring was cut from the finger of the Dark-lord by Elendil the Tall, whose son Isildur claimed it for his own upon his father's death.

The first 5 figures are from the Five Istari series:
1. Gandalf the Grey,
2. Saruman the White,
3. Radagast the Brown,
4. Blue Wizard of the East,
5. Blue Wizard of the South.
The 2nd five are from the Early Ringbearers series:
6. Elrond, herald of Gil-galad.
7. Isildur and the One Ring.
8. Cirdan, the bearer of Narya.
9. Galadriel, the bearer of Nenya.
10. Gil-galad, the bearer of Vilya.

These ten 32mm scale metal miniatures are unprimed and unpainted and may require assembly.
Customer reviews
AAA+++ set of figures. Love the bases on this line of figures. Unique but still has that "Mithril" style.


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