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Releases 2017

These Lord of the Rings metal miniatures were suggested by and voted on by the members of the Gold Status Fellowship club. Released in 2017.
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MZ633 Lord of the Rings 'Orophin™ of Lorien' Fellowship Figure.
A Silvan Elf, Orophin lived in the forest of Lothlorien, the domain of Galadriel. Like his brothers Rumil and Haldir, Orophin was skilled in archery and woodcraft. He served as one of the guardians of the forest.
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MZ630 Lord of the Rings 'Duinhir™ of Morthond™' Fellowship Figure.
When Minas Tirith called upon its provincial troops to rally to its defence as the forces of Mordor closed in upon it, Gondor’s provincial lords sent all the manpower that they could spare. From the far west, the Marcher lord Duinhir brought his two sons and five hundred good archers to help in the city’s defence. This figure shows Duinhir himself, wearing a surcoat emblazoned with the Morthond coat of arms, under which he wears a mail shirt. The bulk of his troops would be more lightly equipped, mostly without mail and many without helmets or short-swords.
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MZ629 Lord of the Rings 'Snow-Troll™' Fellowship Figure.
Although slightly smaller than their more southerly cousins, the northern Snow-Trolls were just as dangerous. What they lacked in intelligence they made up for in brute force. From Carn Dum and Forochel to all points north they pose a constant threat to unwary travellers.
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MZ624 Lord of the Rings 'Tobold Hornblower™' Fellowship Figure.
Otherwise known as  as Old Toby, Tobold Hornblower  lived in the village of Longbottom in Southfarthing.  He is renowned among his fellow Hobbits as the first to cultivate Pipe-weed  in the Shire.


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