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Releases 2016

These Lord of the Rings metal miniatures were suggested by and voted on by the members of the Gold Status Fellowship club. Released in 2016.
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MS631 Lord of the Rings 'Gollum™ - the log with eyes' Fellowship Figure.
As the Fellowship bearing the One Ring journeyed south from the house of Elrond™, their steps were dogged by Gollum, the sly creature who himself had possessed the ring until losing it to the Halfling Bilbo™ many years before. He was determined to retrieve the One Ring and could sense its presence among the fellowship. When they embarked southwards from Lorien™ in small boats Gollum still followed, this time floating in the current on a fallen tree stump – like a "Log with eyes’.
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MS628 Lord of the Rings 'DAIN THE DWARF™' Fellowship Figure.Probably the greatest Dwarven warrior of the late Third-age, KING DAIN Ironfoot was already a battle-hardened leader when called upon by his kinsman Thorin Oakenshield™ to aid his party in the Battle of the Five Armies™.  Many years before this, Dain had slain Azog™, the Goblin king in the great battle of Azinulbizar.
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MS627 Lord of the Rings 'Easterling™ Champion' Fellowship Figure.
Valuable allies to Sauron in the war of the Ring, the Easterlings formed a great part of the Dark-lord’s armies.  They were his natural allies having a long history of conflict and enmity with the peoples of the west. Although famed as horsemen the Easterlings fielded substantial numbers of foot soldiers in the war and being a tribal people, retained the old custom of choosing champions from their ranks and to engage in single combat with chosen foes.
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MS626 Lord of the Rings 'Ohtar with the shards of Narsil' Fellowship Figure.
Journeying north to take up the northern sceptre, Isildur™ and his small party of knights were ambushed and slain by Orcs at the Gladden fields in the Anduin valley. Isildur himself was slain and only three survived the massacre, one of whom was his squire Ohtar who took up the shards of his master’s sword Narsil™ which had been broken in combat with Sauron™, and after many wanderings, delivered them to the house of Elrond™ in Imladris™, where later they would be reforged and renamed Anduril™, which Aragorn™ was to wield in the war of the Ring.

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MS625 Lord of the Rings 'Erebor™ Dwarven Merchant' Fellowship Figure.Before its destruction by the great worm, Dale was a thriving city and famed, among other things, for the marvelous toys which its craftsmen produced. Its population although primarily Mannish, would have included many Dwarves, due to its proximity to both Erebor and the Iron Hills. This figure represents a Dwarven trader who would carry and sell the toys of Dale throughout the settlements and kingdoms south and west of the Misty mountains.
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MS623 Lord of the Rings 'King Bladorthin™' Fellowship Figure.Little is known of Bladorthin, except that he was a king in the region of Middle-earth somewhere between Erebor and the sea of Rhun. He lived before the coming of Smaug (2770TA) and his name suggests that he ruled in the open steppelands, possibly at the confluence of the Celduin and Carnen rivers, a Northman outpost against the encroachments of the Easterlings. His dress and armour shows influences from both the Iron Hills Dwarves and the Easterlings themselves.
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MS622 Lord of the Rings 'Eomund™, Marshal of the Mark' Fellowship Figure.

Father to Eomer and Eowyn, Eomund was chief marshal of the Mark and his command lay in the eastern marches of Rohan. He kept constant vigil against the raids of both Orcs and Easterlings in this strategically important area. He was famous for his reckless bravery though this was to prove his undoing; he was ambushed by Orcs during one such pursuit and died fighting.

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MS618 Lord of the Rings 'Earnur™, at the Battle of Fornost™' Fellowship Figure.

Earnur, the last king of Gondor, was one of the great military commanders of the Third-age. He led the army of Gondor to the aid of Arthedain during its death struggle against the hosts of the Witch-king. Although Arhedain had fallen by the time Earnur arrived,he, nonetheless, engaged the forces of Angmar, and together with his Elven allies, completely routed the Witch-king’s army and drove him from the north.


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MS612 Lord of the Rings 'Merien™ of Dol Amroth™' Fellowship Figure.Merien (A.K.A. Meriel) was consort to one of the princes of Dol Amroth and was of Dunedain lineage. Dol Amroth was an imposing fortress which guarded the seaward flank of Gondor and its princes ranked second only to the stewards in Minas Tirith.

Its nobility was rumoured to have Elvish blood in its veins, largely because of Dol Amroth’s proximity to the ancient Elven harbour of Edhellond whence the Elves of old would set off to the west.
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MS595 Lord of the Rings 'Female Orc Archer' Fellowship Figure.

As light troops female Orc archers were easily the match for their male counterparts. What they might lack in equivalent bodily strength they would make up in their skills in archery. They would have been utilized by both the armies of Angmar and by the Orcs of Mount Gundabad.


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MS594 Lord of the Rings 'Rumil™, of Lothorien™' Fellowship Figure.

Together with his brother Haldir, Rumil was one of the Elven guards who watched over the borders of Galadriel's realm at the time of the war of the Ring. Able to move swiftly and in silence the Elven archers of Lothlorien were an effective barrier to unwanted intruders into the forest. They could deliver their deadly arrows even before an enemy was aware of their presence.




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