Gandalf Grey Wizard Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figure

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Gandalf Grey Wizard Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figureGandalf the Grey, the wandering wizard, called Mithrandir by the Elves, was well known amongst the peoples of Middle Earth. His great task was to oppose the evil of Sauron. He carried Narya, the Ring of fire.

Gandalf was involved in 'The Hobbit' book as well as the better know 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. He is one of the Council of Wizards, second only to Saruman the White (before Saruman became corrupt). He rode a mighty horse from the land of Rohan, a king of horses, called Shadowfax. Shadowfax tolerated no saddle or bridle but carried Gandalf safely wherever he wished as fast as the wind.

This miniature was designed by Chris Tubb, an internationally famous Miniature designer for over 20 years, most well know for his Lord of the Rings miniatures created for Mithril Miniatures.

Each figure is carefully researched to be faithful to J.R.R. Tolkien's original vision and painted by our experienced Irish artists here in Cork, Ireland to reflect that vision.

The miniatures are made of pewter and this figures height is 74mm from base to top of staff. Average range scale is 54mm.


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