MM400 Lord of the Rings 'Galadriel™ in armour (mounted)' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.

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MM400 Lord of the Rings 'Galadriel™ in armour (mounted)' 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.Battle of Mirkwood (Part 1) - 'Galadriel's armies' series.
This range depicts a section of the War of the Ring that takes place in the forest of Mirkwood. While the main action is taking place in Mordor, another battle is being fought in Mirkwood between Galadriel and her allies and the servants of Sauron.

She was co-ruler of Lothlórien with her husband, Lord Celeborn, and was referred to variously as the Lady of Lórien, the Lady of the Galadhrim, the Lady of Light, or the Lady of the Golden Wood. Her daughter Celebrían was the wife of Elrond and mother of Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir.

This 32mm scale metal miniature is primed with Mithril's special undercoat paint. These miniatures are unpainted and may require some assembly.
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Frankly, who wouldn't like to follow such a queen?


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