2004 Lord of the Rings Faramir™ Christmas Antique Finished Metal Miniature.

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2004 Lord of the Rings Faramir™ Christmas Antique Finished Metal Miniature.This 54mm scale figure is antique finished.

Faramir, son of the Steward of Gondor, was a Man of great wisdom and nobility.

His older brother Boromir looked out for Faramir, and Faramir looked up to Boromir. There was no rivalry between the brothers, though their father clearly favored Boromir. The brothers were similar in appearance, with dark hair and grey eyes, but they were different in temperament. Boromir was the bolder of the two and was accounted a great warrior, while Faramir had a gentler nature and an understanding of men's hearts. In Faramir it could be seen that the blood of Numenor ran true.

Faramir was interested in learning and lore and he read some of the ancient manuscripts in the archives of Minas Tirith. Gandalf the Grey came to Minas Tirith from time to time to search the archives for information about Isildur. Faramir learned much from Gandalf and he eventually guessed that Isildur had taken something from Sauron's hand after his defeat in the War of the Last Alliance.

Faramir was also skilled at arms and was a leader of men. He became a Captain of Gondor and the commander of the Rangers of Ithilien who patrolled on the outskirts of Mordor.

After his father, Denethor, leapt onto the pyre and burned himself alive, Faramir took up the authority of the Steward and he began to prepare to transfer the rule of Gondor to the new King. On May 1, Faramir stood at the gate of the City to greet Aragorn. He knelt and offered him the white rod of the Steward in order to surrender his office, but Aragorn refused and said that Faramir and his heirs would remain the Stewards of Gondor. Then Faramir asked the people of Gondor if they accepted Aragorn as their King and they replied yea. Faramir brought out the Crown of Gondor and Aragorn was crowned King Elessar.


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