MS258 Lord of the Rings Cirion™ Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.

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MS258 Lord of the Rings Cirion™ Fellowship 32mm Scale Metal Miniature.This 32mm scale figure is unpainted.
Cirion, son of Boromir I, was the twelfth ruling Steward of Gondor.

During his rule, the evil Men known as Balchoth gathered for an assault upon Gondor, passing over the Undeeps of Anduin into the northern province of Calenardhon. Cirion could not spare many men to defend this part of his realm, and in despair he sent several messengers to their old friends the Éothéod, a people living in the far north.

Only one man, Borondir reached the Éothéod capital of Framsburg, and deliverd his message to the king Eorl the Young.

After not receiving any answer for a full year, Cirion set out west through Anórien, to prevent the Balchoth from crossing the Anduin at the Undeeps and the Wold.

The army of Gondor was defeated and driven back across the river Limlight to the Field of Celebrant. All hope was lost, when unlooked for came the riders of Éothéod out of the North. Together the Éothéod and the army of Gondor defeated the Balchoth and Orcs, driving them into the Wold.


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