Gollum and Bilbo Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figure

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Gollum and Bilbo Lord of the Rings painted 54mm figure This is Bilbo and Gollum after Bilbo has escaped from the orcs, but has got lost in their caves. Shortly after Bilbo finds the One Ring, Gollum and Bilbo meet for the first time. Gollum decides to challenge Bilbo to a riddle competition if Bilbo wins Gollum shows him the way out of the caves, if Bilbo loses Gollum has him for lunch! Bilbo survives and in time gives the ring to Frodo, his nephew before leaving for Rivendell. Bilbo also gave Frodo the elven sword 'Sting' and a mithril chainmail shirt as parting gifts. Gollum hunts for 'Baggins' and his 'Precious' ring until he dies in Mount Doom in Mordor. Gollum was once very similar to a hobbit but after finding the Ring on his birthday became consumed by it and was twisted over 500 years to his present deformed state.

This miniature was designed by Chris Tubb, an internationally famous Miniature designer for over 20 years, most well know for his Lord of the Rings miniatures created for Mithril Miniatures.

Each figure is carefully researched to be faithful to J.R.R. Tolkien's original vision and painted by our experienced Irish artists here in Cork, Ireland to reflect that vision.

The miniatures are made of pewter and this figures height is 34mm from base to the top of it's head. Average range scale is 54mm.


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