MC28 Lord of the Rings 'Barrow-wight™ King' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.

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MC28 Lord of the Rings 'Barrow-wight™ King' Classic 32mm Scale Metal Figure.The Mithril Classics series represent key personalities and generic types selected from Mithrils huge range of over 500 Middle-earth subjects.
The barrow tombs are the most ancient mannish burial place in Middle-earth and are the resting places of the Edain of the First-age. The warriors and kings of Arnor were also laid to rest here, while the Northern court flourished in the Third-age.

But when the power of Angmar was broken, evil and unquiet spirits, fled thence, took up their abode in the barrow-tombs, and by dark magic began to re-animate their long-dead occupants. Of hideous appearance these spirits of malice would stalk the barrowdowns.
This metal miniature is unpainted but is primed with Mithril Miniatures special primer.


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